Submission Instructions//Hướng dẫn nộp bài

All submissions of the BIM round/2nd round are to be submitted electronically via Web-based transfer site.

All teams that are working on the BIM/Final round, participants of the ARCHICAD BIM Competition will receive the upload instructions via email (to address given during the registration). If your team is not registered, you will NOT receive this information.

!!! If your team did not receive email or having trouble with uploading, please contact Tatsuro !!!

Please follow :

  1. .Each team will submit ONE PDF file, DIN-A1 size (594 × 841cm), landscape or portrait panel with proposal. The presentation should contain:
      • All necessary plans, elevations, and relevant sections
      • At least one rendering
  2. ARCHICAD model in PLA format. (How to save PLA file+ make sure to include A3-size layout in your project with brief description of your project. This paper will be handed out to Juries at the final presentation.
  3. BIMx model (How to save BIMx model)
  4. Portfolio in English (A4 size, PDF)  (optional)

How to upload:

1. Click on the upload LINK in the email you received.


2. Drag and drop all files and and click on “Click here to upload files”. That’s it!


Online submissions must be uploaded by :

For HAU: End of 13th June.
For HCMCUARC: End 18th June.

Submission after this period will not be accepted. Please, try to upload your project well in advance.

Announcement of 10 groups for the final presentation:

The final 10 groups for the final presentation will be announce based on your submission and will be announced

For HAU: before 15th June.
For HCMCUARC: before 21st June.

Each team will be notified by email and on this website.


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